Financial Information

The Finance Department provides financial services to the District and the ratepayers including general accounting, financial management, information systems and customer services. We deliver these services with commitment to teamwork and excellence in communications.

Five Year Business Plan & Budget

The Five Year Business Plan and Budget for fiscal years 2018 to 2022 (Plan) (PDF) is a comprehensive roadmap to achieve operational performance, capital replacements and preventative maintenance for the benefit of District customers over the next 5 years. The Plan identifies the work to be performed and the related rates to provide necessary revenues to achieve the Plan's goals.

The purpose of the Plan is to maintain reliable customer services over the long term. An overarching goal will be to provide water and sewer services at reasonable prices given consideration to all the factors including age of infrastructure, risk tolerance and public perception. This goal is consistent with the District's mission to "provide quality water, recycled water, park and recreational facilities and wastewater management the most cost-effective manner possible...earning customer and community respect."

Budget & Rate Information

Padre Dam understands rates are important to our customers and we remain prudent when preparing our budget and rates. Padre Dam's Board, management and staff have created a work environment that clearly establishes the accountability of management and labor to each other, and to our customers. The result is a continuous focus on reducing costs that has saved customers millions of dollars.

Financial Transactions Report

In compliance with state law, Padre Dam submits a “Special Districts Financial Transaction Report” to the State Controller’s Office within seven months after the close of a fiscal year. Padre Dam's Financial Transaction report and other information is made available on the California State Controller's office website.

Budget Documents & Rates

Financial Audits

Five Year Business Plan

Five Year Budget Plan